The Achievement of Comic Art in the Fifty Years after the Establishment of the People's Republic of China.
  At the beginning of 1950s, many famous comic makers issued a batch of comics, such as "The Chicken Feather Letter" pictured by Liu Jiyou, "The Heroic Boys and Girls" by Li Qi and Wu Biduan, "The Millionaire Zhao" by Gu Shengyue and Lou Shitang, "Child Labor", "I Want to Go to School" by Wang Xuyang and Ben Qingyu. These comics were endowed with good materials and experienced drawing skills.
  From 1951 to 1956 there were more than ten thousand sorts of and over two hundred sixty million comics published. The materials and the means of drawing were various. The materials included classical works, film, play, foreign literature, fairy tales, myth and modern heroic deeds, the drawing skills included pen drawing, sketch, brush painting, aquarelle, woodcut, paper-cut and so on. The comic makers all formed their own styles.
  In the comics of "The Chicken Feather Letter" and "Scholar Dongge", Liu Jiyou described vividly charactors' kind and evil, wittiness and clumsy, pedantry and guile. His pen drawings---"The Monkey Troubled the Heaven" and "Wusong Killing the Tiger" were created with experienced skill and abundant imagination and brought comics a new development. Gu Bingxin, from Shanghai, after having finished "The Blue Tapestry", tried to draw "Cross The River To Recce" in sketch, and expressed vividly the dangerous and scary battling situation and heroism. The two artists were honored "The Big Gu in the South and Big Liu in the North".
  After the famous comic maker He Youzhi finished "Yang Gensi" and his other works, he changed his style to make voluminous comics of "The Great Changes in Counties" which exhibited the great changes in counties after liberation. Hua Sanchuan who was famed for drawing the realities created "Relatives", "Story of a Contact Point", "Wang Xiaohe" and so on. He also drew two editions of "White Hair Girl". Wang Lihong made "King", "Paradise Marriage" after he finished "Fifteen Strings of Cash". Chen Shifa's "Kong Yiji", "Ghost in Beauty Skin", "108 Pictures of Biography of A-Q" and "Courage and Sword" were all excellent in art and innovation.