Author: Xiao Xi

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¡¡Name£º jamileh taaki ¡¡Time£º2006-02-05 23:36:51
I really like u lewis, but I'm not ready to have a boyfriend yet. I still like to play with my action man.
¡¡Name£º Mariam ¡¡Time£º2006-02-05 23:13:05
Next time you want my bro to hold ur goddam food just let me know and ill get him to be your slave!!!
¡¡Name£º lewis ray ¡¡Time£º2006-02-05 23:02:56
its not really nice to swear so much jami, as you are a nice girl, and you try to act cool, but your not. If i asked you would you go out with me?
¡¡Name£º Jade ¡¡Time£º2006-02-05 23:00:34
yeh come on the greatest smash hit!
¡¡Name£º jam abi n lew r ¡¡Time£º2006-02-01 04:44:07
you gay f*kin shit fuk yerself ur getting smashed
¡¡Name£º Lyndon Abi and Jamileh ¡¡Time£º2006-02-01 04:40:33
Hey all you babes i want you to bvang me out m8s. Yeh come bang us out!!! ooohh yeh.
¡¡Name£º abi jam n lewis ray ¡¡Time£º2006-01-31 20:17:13
ur a gay freak whoever rote this n it werent any orf the ppl there! do dat agen n ul get banged m8 ... from abi n jami n lewis ray
¡¡Name£º lyndon w ¡¡Time£º2006-01-29 05:36:33
Can I lick both your necks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
¡¡Name£º abi cardwell ¡¡Time£º2006-01-29 05:35:18
yeh jamileh i wanna give u a big wet toungue lick all up u long sexy neck.
¡¡Name£º jamileh ¡¡Time£º2006-01-29 05:29:03
I want to lick your neck too Abbi

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