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¡¡Name£º meagan ¡¡Time£º2006-02-16 04:30:43
i love your pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!
¡¡Name£º shaitan ¡¡Time£º2005-07-13 23:00:21
Geart!I don't know how to say . I think I just can say :It's really worth to see!
¡¡Name£º CYMN ¡¡Time£º2004-06-12 17:59:18
¡¡Name£º ringcat ¡¡Time£º2003-10-23 11:46:38
green! Green! (^^)
¡¡Name£º Tegan Elise ¡¡Time£º2003-10-20 15:26:14
WOW!!! What a crazy picture...i love it :) :)
¡¡Name£º Xai Thao ¡¡Time£º2003-10-15 00:05:18
This pieces of art is so wonderful, the color makes it seemed like it was actually alive could you believe it. I hope your drawing career coutinue successfully for you. Until next time my friend who live so far from me.

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