Author: Chengchen

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 Name: shuang  Time:2003-12-23 11:34:40
Ya I like it very much. She is very beatuful.
 Name: Lydia  Time:2003-11-18 18:30:49
Oh wow!!!! I love this picture sooo much! It looks like England -_-; haha, very beautiful!!
 Name: apple  Time:2003-11-11 14:08:40
beautiful,I like it. 意境很美~~~~~~~~
 Name: apple  Time:2003-11-11 14:07:28
beautiful,I like it. 意境很美~~~~~~~~ my name is apple.
 Name: Aileen  Time:2003-10-27 14:20:16
very good drawing,you gives me imaging
 Name: Ringcat  Time:2003-10-23 11:47:59
It gives me a beautifully eerie feeling if you know what I mean (it's a compliment)
 Name: Xai Thao  Time:2003-10-14 23:59:01
Your drawing of that woman is so expressing in a strange kind of way do you believe so, my friend across the Atlantic Ocean. I just got to say that picture of your just give the sensational feeling that I'm in it too. Well, good by for now I have to get back to my school work, catch you later, oh by the way I attend Grant High School which is in the USA.

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