Author: Di Lei

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¡¡Name£º Shorty ¡¡Time£º2005-10-27 09:25:43
Well Mexican or not it's still good I like it and you know if you say something about other people someday you migh need something from them even if you don't think so.
¡¡Name£º jeni * ¡¡Time£º2004-08-18 11:17:47
i dont see the mexican thing?!
¡¡Name£º :) ¡¡Time£º2003-10-17 21:30:06
What mexican?
¡¡Name£º MANDY ¡¡Time£º2003-07-30 12:35:26
Mexican thing? are you crazy sara??? this is beautiful & i dont know if you are a racist person but anyway mexican or not, this drawin is gorgeous!
¡¡Name£º NICOLE ¡¡Time£º2003-06-17 11:43:52
¡¡Name£º Sara ¡¡Time£º2003-05-09 01:02:11
You got a little bit of a mexican thing going on but it's pretty!

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