Author: Xiao Xi

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¡¡Name£º Meatwad ¡¡Time£º2008-09-25 07:16:42
so tis jamileh chick and solek fegget are gf/bf? kyute
¡¡Name£º sebastian smach ¡¡Time£º2008-09-10 14:53:30
we're gonna funk up dis shid, oh yeah sebastian still has it..
¡¡Name£º Sebastian smach ¡¡Time£º2008-09-10 14:52:43
you're all so cool, do u wunt 2 b in mi band
¡¡Name£º Jamileh ¡¡Time£º2006-11-19 22:05:10
Oh solek you make me so happy sometimes... ... I tuink of you as my little ray of sunshine! Oh my dear i love you so... Will you go out with me? it was really hard of me to ask that but..I got the embaressment over with and i hope you say yes!
¡¡Name£º Solek "The Don Vlad" C-H ¡¡Time£º2006-11-19 22:01:47
You know what i really admire this drawing.it makes me think of you xiaziyna/jamileh You are my love and you make me happy.
¡¡Name£º Solek "The Don Vlad" C-H ¡¡Time£º2006-06-30 01:11:39
Just for future reference, if anyone pretends to be me and does not go by this exact name, ignore them. P.S. Good drawing. It makes my art look like a pile of crap.
¡¡Name£º Solek "The Don Vlad" C-H ¡¡Time£º2006-06-24 23:37:58
Cool! I have just been typing names into Google search, and I found this! Freakasaurus. Anyway, Zdrastvooy Jamileh!
¡¡Name£º Jami, lyndon, abi, lewis, mari ¡¡Time£º2006-02-22 00:29:14
Jamileh: I am interested in you though lewis. I love your type they rock my world with their banging out. Lyndon:Lick, lick, lick as you go gently down the neck. On to the boosms and down the chest below. Abi:I want to get banged out too. Don't forget me!!! Lewis: go out with me jamileh. Mariam:food hold it bro. Jade: I'm a hard nuuuuutt!!!
¡¡Name£º jamileh taaki ¡¡Time£º2006-02-06 04:23:12
ur so f*kin gay this is not me writing that your getting your face smashed in you fukin diks
¡¡Name£º Jamileh taaki ¡¡Time£º2006-02-06 00:05:12
my action man kinda stimulates me. Instead of a boyfriend i pretend my action man is and my barbie is me i practice what to say with them. So that when i do have a boyfriend i will know what to do.

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