Little Girl 2
Author: Xiao Wen

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¡¡Name£º Nick ¡¡Time£º2008-05-20 23:35:43
i don't think so
¡¡Name£º Christina ¡¡Time£º2005-12-13 09:21:49
I love it too...very artistic.
¡¡Name£º xuanzi*jun ¡¡Time£º2004-09-09 09:28:08
lovely and happy This pictrue can give everyone sutible feeling
¡¡Name£º Mina. T ¡¡Time£º2003-06-29 21:42:28
Wow, this picture looks so real. The girl is full of maturity and the background is magnificient.
¡¡Name£º Sara ¡¡Time£º2003-05-09 01:34:19
verry good!
¡¡Name£º sweet_angel^^* ¡¡Time£º2003-04-21 09:30:09
this drawing is lovely and very sweet!!~
¡¡Name£º Gil ¡¡Time£º2002-08-11 05:37:44
Lovely little girl !

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