Author: Escapee

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¡¡Name£º SP ¡¡Time£º2005-12-09 09:16:02
put some clothes on your drawings or paste them in a porn site so i don't have to see it
¡¡Name£º babybubble ¡¡Time£º2004-08-01 16:34:03
it looks cool with or without cloths on. the way you have down your drawing is terriffic keep it up :)
¡¡Name£º kt ¡¡Time£º2003-06-16 23:52:04
HEY i hav a idea! how about u DONT DRAW NUDE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
¡¡Name£º Jeffrey Young ¡¡Time£º2003-05-02 05:27:28
NO! don't put cloths, its good the way it is!
¡¡Name£º takeshie ¡¡Time£º2003-03-14 02:32:52
you nd to draw cloths

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