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A Mauser Pistol

A Rush Man
Pictured by Fei Shengfu

A Magic Horse
Pictured by Tian Ding, Chen Yanfan

The Taoist Priest of Laoshan Mountains
Pictured by Pu Huihua

Omnipotent Hands
Pictured by Zheng Jiasheng, He Guanghuan

Pigsy Explores the Mountain
Pictured by Deng Ke

Gada Meilin
Pictured by Zhao Qi,Xu Yong,Gu Liantang
Young Chinese generations' art works. The teenage authors learned a great deal from the west, and integrated the western drawing skills and styles with Chinese traditional drawing skills.


Gone with the Wind

Dance, Dance, Dance








Too Great Pleasure Will Bring About Sadness
The original Chinese idiom:
"Le4 Ji2 Sheng1 Bei1": "le", pleasure; "ji", the extent; "sheng", bring or cause; "bei", sadness.
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